Our Services

Outplacement Service

Having to involuntarily leave an organization for which one worked for a long period is always a serious psychological challenge to overcome. We assist our clients to recover from it and to restart their successful second careers while maintaining their loyalty to former employers through our 1:1 consulting, training and various activities.

Our program will satisfy client's needs through the services differentiated in these aspects:

Knowing that re-employment is what most of our clients pursue most, we deploy an experienced professional headhunter to a consulting team in the earliest stage so that our employment-seeking client can achieve the best result.
Powerful combination of the young and the old:
In our one-on-one consulting, a young but experienced consultant assist our clients in intelligence gathering and analysis while a mature and experience consultant support the client in self-assessment, target setting, life-cycle planning and progress monitoring.
We customize our consulting and training services to meet each company's characteristics, needs and constraints.
Flexible Program:
Prioritizing services needed by clients and a sponsoring company, we structure our program to meet our client company's budget.
Long-Term Relationship:
We are not chasing a one-time-only deal. Our business model is "Once engaged, you will be our customer forever."
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