Our Services

Talent/Leadership Acquisition

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Brain202 has been leading in the field of executive search services consistently, supporting our clients to acquire the best leadership/talents. Our clients include domestic/global companies ranked in top 10 in their respective industries.

Reference Check Service

While this service is included in talent search services, many of our clients requested us to perform an independent reference check to eliminate the risk arising from the conflict of interests facing search firms. Our service typically covers investigation of employment history, reasons of leave, leadership and management capability, work performance, communication, personal characters, etc.

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Outplacement Service

A packaged program consisting of assessment, coaching, training and placement services targeting current or to-be displaced employees exposed to career transition risks. A special program customized to executives is also available.

Career Consulting and Other Services

Career Consulting:
Career management support service through coaching based on analysis of each individual's competence and characteristics.

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Other services:
C&B Survey, public recruiting service outsourcing.